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Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry I have been away for a month, but NeoCon was a huge success for SHAPE Environments and we have been busy following up on all of our leads.  I hope that I will be able to announce a few new projects in the coming weeks.  But back into the grind….

For those of you who do not pay attention to Autodesk Labs ( they have recently released a new lab project that I finally had the pleasure of trying out.  eTransmit for Revit is really an awesome add-in for the Revit program.

The Basics

The add-in allows a user to take a Revit model and bundle all of the attached files and models and place them into a folder location of your choosing.  It will open, detach from central, rename, and relink all of the files that are associated with that file that you picked.  This works for the 2012 releases of Revit.  It will also create a submittal log with all of the files that have been recreated for the eTransmit.  This is a huge time saver for project teams that need to upload files to an FTP site or Buzzsaw Project site.

The Good

There are also several other benefits that are not directly related to the simply transmitting of files.  I have a firm principle that would like to take some files into the field with him to review.  His confidence in his abilities to use Revit and not “mess” anything up are not very high, although he does have the capability.  So this gives him a great way to detach a separate model file and have all of the of the linked models quickly, with out ever having to open the model file in Revit.  The other piece of that activity is that it relinks all of the files so that he does not have to go into the model and manage those links himself.  This makes it so easy for him to participate in a project.

The Bad…not much

There is only one thing that I have been able to find that could even remotely be considered a negative about this add-in.  That is the inability for the add-in to automatically upgrade any model files that have not already been upgraded.  This would only be important if a project was being transmitted that has lay untouched in between upgrade cycles.

Overall though, I would be this an A+ grade.  Saves a lot of time for our users and it allows those that are not Revit experts the ability to transmit or break off models for themselves.

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