Cincinnati BIM User Group Recap

What can I say about our first Cincinnati BIM User Group meeting other than WOW!  We had around 260 people show up for Phil Bernstein’s keynote address and for the unveiling of the new user group.  We had around 150 industry professionals from all disciplines and trades, and we had over 100 students and faculty members from the University of Cincinnati.  The turn out and presentation was amazing.  Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your view,  we set a very high standard for us to have to follow with every meeting of the group.  But I would rather start strong and use that momentum to help build the group.

Dean Robert Probst started the evening off by giving a brief welcome to the university to the professionals in the audience.  He expressed how wonderful it was to have our group on campus and how excited the university was to be apart of the user group.  He also introduced me to the audience.  I was very honored to be able to introduce the concept behind the user group, our mission statement, and the members of our steering committee.  Our mission statement is; to bring together today’s thought leaders in BIM, to explore ideas of integration and innovation, to explore the student-professional-owner dynamic, and to bring together diverse perspectives to challenge the norm.  I also had the honor of introducing Phil Bernstein.

Phil had an unbelievable presentation that discussed our industry as it related to three different time frames, 1991, 2011, and 2021.  He talked about the differences in representation, simulation, collaboration, and realization within the architectural/construction industries as it relates to those time frames.  I probably have said this before, but if you don’t want to run out and start conquering the world after hearing Phil talk then I think you might not have a heartbeat.

The entire event was really amazing.  Our next event will be on April 14th at the University of Cincinnati.  We will be having a round table discussion centered around how the transition to a BIM process has effected individuals from different disciplines and walks of life.

I am the Directory of Virtual Design and Construction at Danis Building Construction Company. I am passionate about changing the way we practice design and construction and how the role of the builder will change over he next few years. I want to be in the mix and in some case mixing it up with lively discussions and exchanges. I hope you enjoy my ramblings on BIM, IPD, and Facilities Management.

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