IDEAS : The Innovation + Design Series Part 4

As I was getting ready to write the last update for the IDEAS summit, some pictures were being uploaded of the summit.  I wanted to share some of those pictures. The picture to the right is the Welcome sign to all participants as they walked into the summit.  They had to fill out two post-it notes about themselves.  The first was their name and a picture of how they felt on one post-it note.  On the second note they had to answer the question, “What is Innovation?”.  The picture on the right were Dick’s post-it notes.

Dick filling out the post-it notes with an unidentified person.  They had to place the post-it notes on a blank map of the United States to show their location and to give reference to each other’s post-it notes.   On the right hand side is Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO,  standing in front of the IDEAS: The Innovation + Design Series sign at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.  I have had the honor of seeing Carl present the opening keynote at the last few Autodesk Univeristies.

The “Challenge” on the left side.  Participants on the summit got placed onto teams.  The teams were then asked to prototype a birthday gift for a 9 year-old to inspire them to be passionate about design. Ech team was given a table full of fun and interesting shapes to use to create their prototype.  Each team was then asked to present their prototypes in front of the entire group as seen in the picture to the right.

The work of the Illustrators of each presentation.  They continued to document the presentations the entire day.  Their illustrations were amazing a really showed the essence of the summit.

I am the Directory of Virtual Design and Construction at Danis Building Construction Company. I am passionate about changing the way we practice design and construction and how the role of the builder will change over he next few years. I want to be in the mix and in some case mixing it up with lively discussions and exchanges. I hope you enjoy my ramblings on BIM, IPD, and Facilities Management.


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