Revit App Store

Jeremy Tammik over at The Building Coder blog has just announced that he is going to possibly start a Revit App Store. This is a very interesting development because he seems to have beat Autodesk to the punch.  My friends at Autodesk have been talking about this for a while so it is interesting that this showed up before theirs did.  I wonder how Autodesk will react to this news.  I have a whole host of questions that probably aren’t ready to be answered yet.  Who is hosting all of the information?  Who will monitor the quality of the apps?

This site seems to be mirroring Apple’s App Store.  We are developers for the Apple App Store.  See our LEED Apps here. There are a lot of checks and balances within Apple’s App Store that protect the developer and the end user.  It will be interesting to see if this will be the same for the Revit App Store.  Hopefully we will here more very soon about this development.  We actually have been looking at ways to sell our Revit Apps that we develop in house for our production staff.  I will keep my ears to the ground and blog about any future developments.

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