FM Systems takes a huge step in the right direction

One small step for owners, one giant leap….

On August 10th, FM Systems introduced a huge breakthrough in linking BIM and Facilities Management.  Version 8.0 of their software was released and it featured two new modules that will change the way owners use BIM to help manage their building portfolios.   The new version of their software includes a BIM integration component and a sustainability module.  These are just two features of the new version.

BIM and FM

FM:Interact 8.0 is an integration module that connects FM Systems to Autodesk’s Revit software, the industry leading BIM authoring tool.  It links these two pieces of software with a bi-directional link through web based services.  This is a huge development in that it allows for information to be shared across the web seamlessly.  It also links and synchronizes families between the two which allow inventory to be controlled and managed.   This is the first step towards a completely integrated BIM/FM link and what a big step it is.

The cost of doing nothing

FM:Interact Sustainability Module helps owners collect energy data across the web to realize how their buildings are performing.  This module really starts to help visualize the impact that energy, water, recycling, and waste have on our buildings.  It starts to engage not only those occupants of the buildings who are managing these critical ideas and systems, but even those that simply occupy the building.

A link to FM Systems news release can be found here:

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