A New Start

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After a very long absence from this blog I am pleased to announce that I have started a new position at Danis Building Construction Company.  Danis has actually created a new position within their firm for me to help create, develop, and drive their Virtual Design and Construction group.  My official title is Director of
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When is a “Standard” not a standard?

There are currently around 150 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standards that exist across the United States right now.  The definition of a standard: stan·dard  (noun) : something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example -or- something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or
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University of Cincinnati’s Surface Conversations Symposium


The University of Cincinnati is hosting a two-day workshop/symposium on October 25th and 26th.  The event will be focused on the re-surfacing of the Aronoff Center for Design and Art on UC’s campus.  It will also feature conversations on the influence of signature architecture on campus planning.  The list of attending signature architects that have
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Surprise SHAPE Content Sighting….

Realistic #20

Yesterday, Vern Hendrickson from our office came across a short video demo that was showcasing an Augmented Reality application from Applied Software.  The video is located on a blog called “What Revit Wants”.  It is a good blog, so give it a read at : http://whatrevitwants.blogspot.com/ .  The demonstration actually shows a Haworth Idea Starter (collection of
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How to Start a Start-Up

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I have been given a chance to create a new service offering at SHP in the last few weeks.  The new service will actually be through our SHAPE Environments brand and will building on our growing BIM Services experience within our SHAPE teams.    The idea that we are developing centers around providing  building information
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